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how to set not continuous number span for bucket value

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Hi team,

I have such event in splunk that log the employee number in each online meeting. I want to 

find and sats the employee number distribution and percentage%

I have below query that the bin span is continuous number 100.

|bin empNumber span=100
|stats count by empNumber
|eventstats sum(count) as total
|eval ratio%=round(empNumber/total*100,2)
|fields - total,empNumber
|sort - ratio%


But now the stats requirement is changed. Because 90% online meeting has employee number less than 100, so I want to set such not continuous bins in one query

1) for online meeting that  employee number less than 100, I want to set the bin value to 10

2)for online meeting that employee number greater than 100, I want to set the bin value to 100

And I don't want to query two times, stats by binvalue=100 first, then stats binvalue=10 again. I want to make it happen in one query.

Questions: how to change  my existing query to meet the query requirement.


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| eval empNumber=if(empNumber<100,(floor(empNumber/10)*10)."-".(floor((empNumber+10)/10)*10),(floor(empNumber/100)*100)."-".(floor((empNumber+100)/100)*100))
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