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how to ignore a column using addtotals/addcoltotals

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Here is my search

index="aries" splunk tt=HL7* | 
chart count by si , tt | 
addtotals |
rename si as GenKey | 
rename count as Count

My GenKey/si is is an identifying number. I do not want to add the identifier into my totals, nor do I want a column total of the identifer. How do I ignore the identifier and just add the pertinent data from the table?

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I was searching for a solution to the same problem all morning and finally found that I can just specify which fields I want to have in the "Total" column:

|stats sum(GB_in) AS "GB IN", sum(GB_out) AS "GB OUT" by category |addtotals "GB IN" "GB OUT" |sort -Total

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|addtotals label=total labelfiled=field which you want to remove

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I prefer eval to addtotals

eval total=field1 + field2 + field3

Instead of addcoltotals, use the addtotals command with the col option

addtotals col=true field1 field2 field3

BUT, you may have a more fundamental problem. After the second line of your command, you have only 3 fields available in the pipeline: count, si, tt. If that's what you want, then okay. The chart command is also making things weird, so I used the stats command instead

index="aries" splunk tt=HL7* | 
stats count by si , tt | 
eval total = count + tt|
addcoltotals col=t total count tt|
rename si as GenKey | 
rename count as Count
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