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how to deal with the 2 conflict conditions on where


I have a query to send an alert, which have 2 conflict conditions:

|where alarm=1 
generate some sum information only for alarm happens

|where alarm=0

do something for cleaning the alarm

|table *
But I only can do one of them, If I put where alarm=1 first, then I only can generate the alarm, otherwise, only can do clean alarm.

If I put where alarm=1 OR alarm=0, it cannot generate some sum information for the alarm data. For example |eventstats list(x) etc.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.



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Please provide some sample events for better understanding your scenario.

In general, you should be able to do conditional stats


stats count(eval((field1 != field2)
Happy Splunking!
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The problem becomes how can get a list values with the condition?  for example, I need to get some values lists where alarm=1, but I also need to deal with alarm=0

| where alarm=1 OR alarm=0

|eventstats list(create_session) as create_session list(Dn) as Dns by _time  //ONLY alarm==1
|evenststa list (IPs) as IPs by _time   //ONLY alarm==0

|table IPs create_session DNs

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