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how to calculate the Success events percentage based on the time intervals.

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Hi All,

how to calculate percentage value based on time intervals.here i am writting a query

index=operartions sourcetype="SView" OR sourcetype="YView" DashboardStatus="Success"
| timechart span=1d count(DashboardStatus) as Success by sourcetype
| appendcols
[ search index=operartions sourcetype="SView" OR sourcetype="YView" DashboardStatus="*"
| bucket _time span=1d
|stats count(eval(eventtype="YViewStatus" OR eventtype="SViewStatus")) as ClientSuccess count(DashboardStatus) as complete by _time
| eval percent=(ClientSuccess*100/complete)
|table percent

Here "YViewStatus" is the event type,it display the success records.
"DashboardStatus" is the field type (Success/Failed).we are calculating the percentage based on the Success/Total events.
using the above query there is a mismatch b/w time intervals,can u plz suggest the right query.
thanks for advance.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The appendcols do not insure that the exact same time range from the 2 searches will match.
you should use a bucket _time span and join them on the field _time.

Instead of |appendcols [, use | join _time [

Also you are using 2 searches (one for success, one for all dashboard and stats), you could try to use only one
please try with something like :

index=operartions sourcetype="SView" OR sourcetype="YView" DashboardStatus="*"
| bucket _time span=1d |
| stats count(eval(DashboardStatus="Success")) AS Success count(eval(eventtype="YViewStatus" OR eventtype="SViewStatus")) AS ClientSuccess count(DashboardStatus) AS complete by _time sourcetype
| eval percent=(ClientSuccess*100/complete)

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