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I'm using Splunk to examine the event logs on some servers looking for details regarding application crashes with the following search:


index=main "ORA-" 


This search returns a "Message" field that contains text which begins like this:


tman.oci.exe.42636 (trace:0) (DbDmlStmtHandle::Execute): Error[343] -> Database access error (-1).
Msg: [
ORA-00001: unique constraint (UCICOBG.IXCTPROFILEUNIQUEID) violated
.13808 (trace:0) (DBReopenDatabase(connection lost)): Error[343] -> Database access error (-3113).
Msg: [
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
Process ID: 0


I'm trying to extract a field with just the application name information in it (in this case "ORA-0001", "ORA-03113)

I stopped at that expression (ORA- [0-9]. *), How can I use rex to filter just that field?

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hi @leandromatperei.,

Try this:

| rex field=message max_match=0 "(?<applications>\w+\-\d+):\s"

You can either expand or join values in applications if needed.

| rex field=message max_match=0 "(?<applications>\w+\-\d+):\s" 
| eval application=mvjoin(applications, ",")
| rex field=message max_match=0 "(?<applications>\w+\-\d+):\s" 
| mvexpand applications


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Hi @leandromatperei,

if you want to extract the Oracle error in a field, you have to use a regex like this:

| rex "(?<error>ORA-\d+)"

that you can test at https://regex101.com/r/raoOka/1



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| rex max_match=0 "(?<errorcode>ORA\-\d+)"
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