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dnslookup not working


trying to use "lookup dnslookup clientip as dvc OUTPUT clienthost AS dvc" within a search on a dashboard. Some of the "dvc" entries already show as hostname rather than IP which is causing issues. I also can't get the results to display on the dashboard graph although the previous IPs displayed no problem, however adding this string prevents it.

Total search is

index=sectool sourcetype=sectool* | fields bytes_in, bytes_out, dvc, user | stats count by bytes_in, bytes_out, dvc, user | eval total_bytes_in=bytes_in*count, total_bytes_out=bytes_out*count | stats sum(total_bytes_in) as "Bytes Inbound" sum(total_bytes_out) as "Bytes Outbound" by dvc | lookup dnslookup clientip as dvc OUTPUT clienthost AS dvc | sort by dvc

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