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default indexes to both target group


How can we forward internal,_audit ,* indexes to both target groups?

In outputs.conf, create stanzas for each receiving indexer:


In inputs.conf, specify _TCP_ROUTING to set the stanza in outputs.conf that each input should use for routing:

 _TCP_ROUTING = systemGroup
 _TCP_ROUTING = securityGroup

The above configuration help us to route events to seperate indexers, but how can we send internal indexes to both indexers?

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Hi @ansif,
as I answered in the previous question, if you don't configure a default tcpout in outputs.conf and you don't insert _TCP_ROUTING in inputs.conf you send logs to all the tcpout configured stanzas
This doesn't consume license but consumes storage, so you have to understand if you really need or not duplicating internal logs (I don't think!).


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Storage is not an issue since both parties(Security & Operations team works individually and license) need internal logs to troubleshoot.

Can I have an example configuration please? Can I just leave all Splunk internal indexes it is in the default dir
as it is to forward to both Indexer group or I need to create one default group?

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