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combining two searches


How can I combine the following two queries into a single search?

index=sendmail earliest="@d-2h" latest="@d+10h"
index=sendmail earliest="@d+10h" latest="@d-2h"

I've tried using pipes (|) and the AND operator with no luck.

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Re: combining two searches

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Could you explain the intent of the time ranges?

The first time range, earliest="@d-2h" latest="@d+10h", will select events with 10 PM last night < time < 10 AM this morning.

The second time range, earliest="@d+10h" latest="@d-2h", will select events with 10 AM this morning < time < 10 PM last night. No events will match the second time range.

See an explanation of the time range format at http://www.splunk.com/base/Documentation/latest/User/ChangeTheTimeRangeOfYourSearch


Re: combining two searches


I have to agree with joelshprentz that your timeranges are somewhat unclear. But, if you cannot work out any other way of beating this, the append search command might work for you.

index=sendmail earliest="@d-2h" latest="@d+10h" | 
append [ search index=sendmail earliest="@d+10h" latest="@d-2h" ]

Append does, however some with some caveats. See http://www.splunk.com/base/Documentation/latest/SearchReference/Append for some details on it.

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