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Wildcarding help in inputs.conf -- controlling directory depth

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Inputs.conf: The stanza [monitor:///app/fao/dittradeflow/servers/.../logs] will look at all folders and subfolders within servers for a dir named logs, how can we modify this so that only the directories within the servers directory are checked for the subfolder logs

We want to monitor for the following:

monitor:///app/fao/dittradeflow/servers/tc3/logs or monitor:///app/fao/dittradeflow/servers/tc2/logs

  But we do not want to monitor:

    monitor:///app/fao/dittradeflow/servers/tc3/stage/logs or monitor:///app/fao/dittradeflow/servers/tc3/stage/CQS
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can use a whitelist or blacklist to constrain the input behavior, or use the wildcarding inputs to implicitly create this, eg:


'...' matches any number of directory layers. '*' does not cross directory layers. Thus a matching file would have to contain /app/fao/dittratde/flow/severrs/<somedirectory>/logs This could be something ending in servers/directory/logs-file.log, though. If you want to enforce that 'logs' is a directory and not part of a filename, use:

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The documentation is incorrect. I'm not sure exactly what it was trying to convey, but it will get some edits.

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" * matches anything in that specific path segment. It cannot be used inside of a directory path; it must be used in the last segment of the path. For example /foo/*.log matches /foo/bar.log but not /foo/bar.txt or /foo/bar/test.log. "

Looks like the documentation explicitly contradicts your example.

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Not sure if you read this post:


but gkanapathy suggested to another splunker to use blacklisting. Sounds like it would work for you and me.


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