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Why is the search-time extraction being skipped for the first key-value pair within a particular field?


Looking for advice/suggestions to the following. I created a powershell function that makes getting data inside Splunk easy. The only issue I currently have is that the first KV field inside the Body field is always ignored.

Splunk will not perform any extraction at search-time for dnsserver.

2016-01-29T011:19:56:369-05:00 id="614aa2df-c04b-4656-83f5-c708b174c829" app="SMTP_Job_Manager_Test" task="mx record check" operator="MyID" operatordisplay="MYDisplay" type="information" severity="informational" severity_id="1" body=" dnsserver="" recordtype="MX" ttl="20697" smtp_server="mail.google.com" preference="20" emaildomainname="google.com" "

If i put a fake KV in front of dnsserver it will work and it will extract dnsserver.

 body=" fake=field dnsserver="" recordtype="MX" ttl="20697" smtp_server="mail.google.com" preference="20" emaildomainname="google.com" 

I am pretty happy with the way the function work with the exception of this minor issue. Any clue why this is happening?


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It looks like splunk takes body as a field and dnsserver= as it's value . You can verify it by

your search | table body dnsserver recordtype

Whenever you add fake=field, fake= is assigned to body and then dnsserver is extracted as expected.

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