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Why is special characters changed to HTML name?


The special characters of the result of my question is converted to HTML Name and output like " and &lt.
What are the conditions that are converted?
I want the result number 2, 3, 4.

My version of Splunk is 8.2.6

1. search query :

| makeresults | eval text="@@@javascript:" | eval text=replace(text, "@@@", "\"") | table text

 result :


 2. search query :

| makeresults | eval text="@@@javascript" | eval text=replace(text, "@@@", "\"") | table text

 result :


3. search query :

| makeresults | eval text="@@@javascripta:" | eval text=replace(text, "@@@", "\"") | table text

 result :


4. search query :

| makeresults | eval text="@@@javascripa:" | eval text=replace(text, "@@@", "\"") | table text

 result :


5. search query :

| makeresults | eval text="@@@javascript&colon;" | eval text=replace(text, "@@@", "<") | table text

 result :



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Is it possible that this is caused by a browser setting or user preference in Splunk?  I have these from Splunk 8.2.5 and 9.0.0, Safari 15.5. (Neither party has customization.)  Output strings are not mangled as in your illustration.



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It's inferred from the XSS protection.

The same conversion occurs when you create a post now.

My Browser > Chrome 104.0

it is the same when tested in version 81.




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Found a function at js code with XSS injection protection.

Maybe this is the cause.



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