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Why is my alert report only showing the first result of every row?


I have this table and I'm trying to send it as a report/alert every morning to our teams chat group



This is how it's getting sent out, its only showing the first result of every row


heres the Query 

| webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI041.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI042.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI043.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI044.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI045.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI046.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI047.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI048.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ]| append [ webping http://ctxsdc1cvdi013.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | append [ webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI049.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ]| append [
webping http://CTXSDC1CVDI050.za.sbicdirectory.com:4444/grid/console ] | eval timed_out = case(timed_out=="False", "Machine On", timed_out=="True", "Machine Off")

| eval response_code=if(response_code==200, "Hub and Node Up", "Hub and Node Down")
| rex field=url "http:\/\/(?<host_name>[^:\/]+)"
| table host_name response_code timed_out total_time


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