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Why does my token in my search query not work?


I've created a dropdown input field that shows the user accounts that are locked out



And this is the search string that i'm using for my dashboard panel to display the user accounts that are locked out



When I select each of the user accounts listed below, the dashboard panel doesn't show them. How do I fix this?



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I think "match" is here the problem. Because the QuickRef Guide says:


match(X,Y) Returns if X matches the regex pattern Y. match(field, "^\d{1,3}\.\d$")


Did you tried: 

|search Targed_Account_Name IN ($locked_out$)


|search Targed_Account_Name=$locked_out$


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Where are you getting the list of names? If it's not from the same source as the search string in the second screen shot then it's possible there simply no events for those users. Another possibility is the user names are slightly different and failing to match the token.
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