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Why are searches only showing "Parsing job...", and drilldowns do not render properly in Firefox with version 6.5.0?


Our users are encountering intermittent problems with using Firefox after we've upgraded to version 6.5.

In basic search windows, the screen shows "Parsing job...", but it never finishes or displays results. While most app based dashboards appear to work, drilling down to any of the detail level or opening them in search also never renders.

All who have reported this problem are using Firefox version 49+ and I've found no common threads about plug-ins between users who have reported the problem. Clearing the Firefox cache fixes the issue temporarily, but it does come back. (still trying to narrow down what may be causing it to come back).

IE and Chrome do not have the same problems.

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if there's any better fix than telling my users to clear the cache every time they run into it, or to use alternate browsers.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is a known issue in 6.5.0. The bug is SPL-129476. The work around is to clear the browser cache.

  • 6.5.0 Known Issues: SPL-129476 - search is always "parsing job...." after upgrading to 6.5. Workaround: Clear browser cache and run the search again.

Based on my research, a fix is targeted for Splunk 6.5.3 which should be out in the near future. You can confirm this by checking out the release notes once that version is made available.

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Also works if you disable the entire cache with e.g. the web developer toolbar.

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I have this same problem, running Firefox ESR 45.0.2

A coworker is running Firefox ESR 45.7.0 and he is having no problems.

This is with Splunk 6.5.2

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