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Why are D3 Bubble Charts not displaying when I change the selection on a drop-down from the default value?


I want to display D3 Bubble charts on selection of a value from the drop-down. The chart for the default value is displayed.

alt text

But when i change the selection from the drop-down, the bubble chart is not displayed.

alt text

However, it gets displayed on refreshing the page.
The code is as follows:

<form script="autodiscover.js">
  <fieldset autoRun="true"  submitButton="false"  searchWhenChanged="true">
    <input type="dropdown" token="field1_tok">
      <label>Select a User:</label>
      <choice value="*_004402600010833.usagestats.txt">MEID 004402600010833</choice>
      <choice value="*_004402600008210.usagestats.txt">MEID 004402600008210</choice>
          <h2>Time Spent per Category(Per User)</h2>
            <div id="bubbleSearch1"
                    "search": "sourcetype=\"usage\" source=$field1_tok$|eval NEW_TIME=rtrim(Duration,\" ms\")|eval CONV = round((NEW_TIME/60000),2)|stats sum(CONV) as TDURATION by tag,APP",
                    "earliest_time": "",
                    "status_buckets": 0,
                    "cancelOnUnload": true,
                    "auto_cancel": 90,
                    "preview": true
        <div id="bubbleChart1"
                    "managerid": "bubbleSearch1",
                    "nameField": "APP",
                    "categoryField": "tag",
                    "valueField": "TDURATION",
                    "height": 450
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hi ashish9433,
trying to put earlist_time: "0" and latest_time : "now" in the section `

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