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Whitelist a lookup for bundle replication


I blacklist lookups from bundle replication by size in distsearch.conf as below

excludeReplicatedLookupSize = 2

I now have a requirement to bypass the above condition for a specific lookup that is greater than 2 MB.
Is there a way I can craft the white list to take precedence just for the lookup that I need?
The reason I need this as part of the bundle is because I use this lookup as an auto lookup and is growing in size.

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Can you put the lookup in an app and deploy it to your search heads and indexers?

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Hi @jkat54 the lookup is auto generated on a daily basis from a search and new records are added every day. Having to push the app to search heads and indexer will be a manual process every day.

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Hello @gpradeepkumarreddy,

not a response that you asking, but a suggestion anyway:

  • is switching to KVstore instead of static lookup an option?

Please consider KV-Store vs CSV lookup:


  • another options is to use gziped CSV files.
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Hi @PavelP can you provide any pointers for using gziped csv files?

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if you append .gz to the csv file name, it will automatically compress/decompress the resulting lookup file.

e.g. | outputlookup lookup.csv
| outputlookup lookup.csv.gz

Can save a lot of space.

Obviously there are caveats.
You cannot append to a compressed lookup

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Good to know. In my case the lookup gets appended every day with new records. So I guess not an option for me.

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