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What's the different between a real-time 1 hour window and relative last 60 minutes?

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Hello Splunkers,

Well the question is as the title describes. What's the difference if I run a search with the two different time ranges? Do the two things both represent last 60 minutes? If I choose a "1 hour window", it will take more time than "last 60 minutes".

Thank you very much for your attention and help.


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  • Realtime is a gliding window, it will be updated in realtime and always cover the last 60 minutes
  • Last 60 Minutes is just the last 60 minutes before the serach has been executed, it wil not be updated, you have to perform the search again the get fresh data into the results


A search that displays a live and continuous view of events as they stream into Splunk Enterprise. With real-time searches and reports, you can search events before they are indexed and preview reports as the events stream in.


earliest=-60m will return data that has been indexed upto 60 mins before the time you execute the search. This is not a continuous view of events. Depending on your environment, there could be a delay between the time event occurred and the time it was indexed.

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