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What is the regex for the following output ?

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"POST" "200" "api/platform/v1/Session" FirmName

Level="INFO", Date="2017-12-12 04:06:26,200", Message="GET session API complete.", JobType="GetSession", TimeSpan="14ms", URL="http://test:8080/v1/session", ActivityId="70a51b98-365f-4882-94c7-9563d465b211", Header="{"Authorization":"**","UserSession":{"FirmId":10017,"UserId":20,"FirmName":" Test2","UserName":"AutomationTests","UserSessionToken":"**","FirmAuthToken":"T4QV4","EnvironmentName":"AWSPROD"},"TransactionId":"7c257e48-3816-48bc-a717-fe96f5c33271","X-Request-Id":"70a51b98-365f-4882-94c7-9563d465b211","X-Operation":"{\"OperationId\":\"fa255617-2fae-44d7-9b16-8813f35d12a3\",\"OperationName\":\"Post to IBOR\"}","X-Trace":"0"}", OperationId="fa255617-2fae-44d7-9b16-8813f35d12a3", OperationName="Post to IBOR", Product="CoreData", Stack="core-data", Service="graphql", AppDomain="core-data_graphql"

I just want to fetch the FirmName value then what would be the regext for it.Basically I want to fetch "Test2" in output. How would I do it ?

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@JyotiP, you can try the following regex

| rex "\"FirmName\":\"(?<firmName>[^\"]+)\""

However, seems like you have JSON data, so it is better if you try rex to get complete JSON Data packet and then apply spath command.
You should also try out couple of props.conf properties like INDEXED_EXTRACTION=json and/or KV_MODE=json

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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hey @JyotiP

Try this :

 index=your_index | rex field=_raw "FirmName\"\:\"\s+(?P<FirmName>[^\"]+)"


 index=your_index | rex field=_raw "FirmName\"\:\"(?P<FirmName>[^\"]+)"

Let me know if it helps!

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