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What happens to the search when it reaches the search jobs quota?


Hi all!

I am using splunk ver5.0.5 on RHEL 5 and appreciate if you can answer to my question.

I have set up srchJobsQuota in authorize.conf and confirmed it had worked by the log.

cumulativeRTSrchJobsQuota = 0
cumulativeSrchJobsQuota = 0
appsmanagement = disabled
appsview = disabled
propertiesget = disabled
properties_set = disabled
rtSrchJobsQuota = 2
search = enabled
srchDiskQuota = 500
srchIndexesAllowed = _internal
srchIndexesDefault = main
srchJobsQuota = 2
srchMaxTime = 0

07-22-2014 13:24:35.970 +0900 WARN DispatchCommand - Search not executed: Your maximum number of concurrent searches has been reached. usage=2 quota=2 user=operation. SearchId=1406003074.82

My understanding is that the search that was not executed is discarded instead of going into the waiting queue
and wait till the earlier search is done.

Is my understanding correct?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The search will be queues for a few seconds, in case a current jobs finishes.
Then if no search concurrency ressource is available, the search job will be skipped, and the warning published in the messages, and in the logs.