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View all Splunk instance in a single Splunk?


We have 6 splunk deployment server and need to login to every server to see the dashboards in respective servers. Is there any possible ways to manage a single splunk instance where i can see all dashboards from 6 servres?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi Vinesh93,
no There isn't a Federated Deployment Server, I asked it many times to Splunk but no answer!
You could see the situation of each deployment server, extracting data from each DS and sending this data to Indexers, so you can search and display these data on a Search Head.
I did this configuration using a scheduled report on each DS that wrote situation every hour on a CSV file, the file was sent to indexers and I did a dashboard.
Otherwise, you could use rest to remotely extract the samedata from each DS, but the other solution is easier.
The search I used was:

| rest splunk_server=local /services/deployment/server/clients\
| table hostname ip utsname *.restartSplunkd\
| eval temp=hostname."#".ip."#".utsname \
| table temp *.restartSplunkd\
| untable temp apps count \
| eval Apps=if(like(apps,"app%"),mvindex(split(apps,"."),1),null()) \
| eval ServerClass=if(like(apps,"server%"),mvindex(split(apps,"."),1),null() ) \
| rex field=temp "(?<Host>.*)#(?<Host_IP>.*)#(?<Machine_Type>.*)" \
| table Host Host_IP Machine_Type Apps ServerClass \
| stats Values(*) as * by Host Host_IP Machine_Type\
| nomv Apps\
| nomv ServerClass\
| outputcsv ServerClassesList.csv


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