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Varying search results

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I get different search results when I search using Host and Index.

When I search index=batchfs I get the following result:

2014-08-20 11:16:00.012-04:00 INFO [Timer-0] "com.domain.util.log.PerfLog2.writeLog:418" 
Performance statistics for period 11:06 to 11:16 (10 minutes).
Heap size in bytes is 657668584
LongRunningConnectionLogger:ProcessConnectionEventQ #:20 avg:0 sd:0 min:0 max:0                                                    
host = servername source = D:\path\path\dgw.log sourcetype = dgw

When I search for index=batchfs host=servername I get the same result.

However when I search for host=servername I get no results found.

Why am I unable to search by host name?

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Check the "Indexes searched by default" setting for your role. It probably does not include batchfs.

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