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Unable to specify more than 4 index="" strings in a metadata search. Is it possible, or is there another alternative?

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I have a requirement where I need to have only a specific index and that index string appends dynamically which will have more than 4 indexes as below:

|metadata type=sources index="100*" OR index="105*" OR index="106*" OR index="203*" OR index="408*" OR index="f" OR index="g" 

problem here is If I add more than 4 indexes in the metadata search, it's not getting executed and says "No result found". I need to overcome this. Any alternative way to add more indexes in a metadata search?

Note: I need to have only specific index not like index="*"

Appreciate in advance for the help!


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See if my answer here helps:


 | rest /services/data/indexes 
 | rename title as indexname
 | search indexname = A OR indexname = B OR indexname = C OR indexname = D ...
 | table indexname
 | map maxsearches=99 search=" | metadata type=sources index=\"$indexname$\" | eval index=\"$indexname$\" " 
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