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Summary Indexing Not Updating


Hi, I wonder if someone could help me please.

We're using Enterprise V6.5.7 and we have issues in updating summary indexes using both the 'fill summary' command and scheduled searches (via cron jobs).

The jobs are shown as being run successfully but, the data is not being ingested into the Summary Index, and this is affecting multiple Summary Indexes.

However, when we run the same search in the UI using the 'collect' command, an example of which is:

collect index=summary_dg_allcode marker="report=CoDE2019Data"

The data is ingested correctly into the Summary Index.

I appreciate that the details are sketchy, basically I'm not even sure where to start looking, but I just wondered whether someone may be able to offer some guidance if they've experienced similar issues, and how they've resolved this, and /or whether they can suggest areas to look into, in greater depth?

Many thanks and kind regards


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