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Hi, all.

I am looking to add an indexer to my existing environment that consists of 1 dedicated indexer and 1 dedicated search head. I do not wish to enable clustering as I simply want to introduce load balancing to indexer function. Are there instructions available on how to add a standalone indexer to an existing deployment? Is the process as simple as:

  1. Install Splunk on new instance, point to existing license master
  2. Copy etc/system/local directory from existing indexer to new indexer - this should create any custom props, transforms, inputs, index configurations on new server
  3. Copy etc/apps from existing indexer to new indexer
  4. Configure ouput.conf files on forwarders to load balance
  5. Add new indexer as search peer on search head

Thank you

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Hi rmsit,

Did you add second indexer?

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Loves-to-Learn Lots

Hi tdbank,

Didn't add standalone indexer. I do plan to setup an index cluster from scratch - this was one of my many lessons learned from planning a Splunk deployment.

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Also I plan create indexer cluster environment from distributed environment (existing: one indexer, one searchhead)

To create indexer cluster environment will we need minimum one master cluster and 3 peer nodes?

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Hi rmsit,

this list looks good to me and it should really be as simple as this.
Make sure to check server.conf if you copy it to the new server, so it will not have the same host/server name as the existing indexer.
And for step 4: it's outputs.conf you should modify 😉

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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