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Splunking traditional IT + Telco devices/systems/infrastructure


I don’t have any background in Telco world, I’m so blank about it,

Telco people asked this many times,

is it possible to Splunk from traditional IT and telco world/devices/systems? So they can have new insights/BI/OI/management/… so on combined from both world…

How deep Splunk can Splunk to this telco world?

[This question also consider legacy and recent tech telco, if I'm not mistaken Telcos are attempting to go to IP based, but again, I don't have background in Telco, I'm not sure]

Thank you very much,

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Unfortunately, the answer is a lot of "it depends".

Splunk is obviously great at getting data from all sorts of traditional IT systems via either a direct network connection, or a forwarder looking at a log file.

Some telco equipment is easy, if it is already based on an existing 'server' architecture. For example, Avaya used to make a Call Management System that was mostly just software on a solaris box. That's easy, load a forwarder and go.

But, a lot of stuff is going to be a lot more difficult. Some of these devices have limited, if any, TCP/IP support. Many of them are old enough to simply have a "Craft" RS-232 port where they would hopefully log alarms.

One thing you might consider is using a small terminal-server style device to bridge the gap. I think you can use something like a Digi Portserver - it can be configured to connect to a TCP host/port and basically dump everything coming in over the serial port. And they aren't too terribly expensive - you could buy a small one (4 port) to test with for a couple hundred bucks I think.

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