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Splunk has built-in mbtiles server. Can this be used for mbtiles that we create ourselves?


I noticed that our splunk installs have a $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/mbtiles/splunk-tiles.mbtiles file.

This makes me suspect that the webserver bundled in with Splunk has the ability to serve tiles. Has anyone seen this, or have any hints as to if this can be used for mbtiles that we create ourselves?

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Did a little digging. The provided mbtiles file provided the tiles used by a geostats map if you don't change the mapping.tilelayer.url. The provided file is accessed @


(may have the z-y-x order wrong there).

I laid another mbtiles file down alongside the splunk-tiles.mbtiles and tried to get to it using the same url, but changing the 'splunk-tiles' to the name of my mbtiles file. Got a 404. Will keep digging into it, but thought I'd post what I've found so far.

Right now I'm serving tiles up with tilestream, but if I can get Splunk to do it, it's one fewer piece of software to break on me...


system/default/web.conf has an entry referring to it too. Though I don't know if it is possible to extend that definition to serve multiple tilesets.

pattern = mbtiles/splunk-tiles/*/*/*
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From what I understand, you have to use a separate map server if you want to serve custom tiles. I received this answer from Splunk support around release 6.01 so things may have changed since then. The Simple XML Reference has an example using tiles from openstreetmap.org, but your own map tile server should work just as well:

   <option name="mapping.tileLayer.url">http://{s}.tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png</option>
   <option name="mapping.tileLayer.subdomains">[a,b,c]</option>
   <option name="mapping.tileLayer.maxZoom">18</option>
   <option name="mapping.tileLayer.attribution">
     Map data (c) 2012 OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.
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Thank you.

Can the splunk server serve the tiles from an .mbtiles file? I see an .mbtiles file in $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/mbtiles/splunk-tiles.mbtiles, it must be there for a reason....

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