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I am new to Splunk and I have a requirement as below to show in Splunk dashboard,

  1. Number of groups created/deleted every day – Grouped Bar Chart, with 30 days as default time range
  2. Approved / Rejected / Pending requests every day – Stacked Bar chart, with 30 days as default time range.
  3. Top 10 Approvers in last 30 days – Table (Approver name/email, number of approved/rejected requests)
  4. Total number of requests placed via packs every day – Bar chart, 30-day time range default

My questions here are,

  1. How to create a grouped bar chart ? ( i know to create a plain bar chart with a search result in splunk)
  2. How to create a stacked bar chart ?
  3. How to calculate the top 10 approvers for 30 days. ( i can find the list of approvers for last 30 days)
  4. How to calculate the total number of requests everyday ( i can find the logs which match the requests placed, but how to find the total?)
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Have you gone through the Splunk tutorials? Since you're new, this will give a great learning opportunities and you would be able to find answers to these questions yourself.

Other links can be found in this answers post.

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