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Show subtotals as percentages in Pivot Statistics Table


I have a Pivot displayed as a Statistics Table, which is defined by the following search:

| pivot My_Object SearchObject count(SearchObject) AS "Count of My_Object" SPLITROW name AS "Name" SPLITCOL status SORT 100 name ROWSUMMARY 0 COLSUMMARY 1 NUMCOLS 100 SHOWOTHER 1

This works nicely and in every row I see a count of search objects, split by the "status" field followed by a column with the heading "ALL", which displays the total.

I would like to change the display to show percentages instead of raw counts. I other words, I would like to see the value from each status column divided by the value from the "ALL" column (as percent).

Is there a way to do this using Pivot?


Were you able to find answer to this ? if yes, could you please share ?

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You can try using subsearch to return the total count value. Copy this value in a field which can be used for percentage calculation.

A field value can be returned using *return $FIELD_NAME * command.


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Should I add the subsearch as a field to the data object, or maybe as a child object to the data model, or should I add it to the "| pivot " search as in pivot My_Object SearchObject count(SearchObject)/[subsearch]?

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