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ServiceNow is down/unavilable for 5 to 10 min


Hi All,

Am new to splunk. Need on help.
We are using Splunk Add-on for Service Now in our splunk instance and sending events to servicenow for ticketing/alerting. 

If ServiceNow is unavailable for several minutes (let’s say 5-10 minutes), will the alerts that are generated during that time be held in queue and then sent over once the nodes are back online?  Or are they just lost for that particular time frame?

As per my understanding they will just lost for that particular time frame. But please help me in creating the search query for Skipped/Dropped events which are not gone to servicenow. So that we can send that alerts/events once again once servicenow is up. 

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Hi @keshavkgupta , You can try this. Refer - https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/AddOns/released/ServiceNow/Troubleshooting#Custom_search_comma...



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