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Search results between a certain number when result has a letter before number e.g C1000


Hey Everyone, 

I am trying to search for a field to see how much a customer is spending but there is a letter in front of it.

e.g. "cost" : "C1000" showing they spent $1000. 

So for example I want to search when the user spends between C1000 and C20000. 

is there a way to remove the C and search the numbers of the result?

this is what I have so far

index="silverprod" source=*finance* ("Lambda" "Payload") NOT (lambda-warmer) *topup*


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Can you please try this?

| eval cost=replace(cost,"C","") | where cost >500 AND cost < 1500


My Sample Search :

|makeresults count=100 | eval a=100| accum a | eval cost="C".a
| rename comment as "Upto Now is sample data only" 
| table cost
| eval cost=replace(cost,"C","") | where cost >500 AND cost < 1500


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