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Has anyone run into this message?

"Search generated too much data for the current display configuration, results have been truncated"

The search is for collecting and grouping latency times (spent).


| eval dum=case(spent==0, spent)
| eval 0-99(ms)=case(spent>=0 AND spent<=99, spent)
| eval 100-199(ms)=case(spent>=100 AND spent<=199, spent)
| eval 200-299(ms)=case(spent>=200 AND spent<=299, spent)
| eval 300-399(ms)=case(spent>=300 AND spent<=399, spent)
| eval 400-499(ms)=case(spent>=400 AND spent<=499, spent)
| eval over500(ms)=case(spent>=500, spent)
| table spent 0-99(ms) 100-199(ms) 200-299(ms) 300-399(ms) 400-499(ms) over500(ms)

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This does increase the value but there is still an upper limit that is hard coded

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I 6.x and above, you can alter the max number of data points in a series for a timechart in a dashboard and stay w/in the HTML5 realm and not need to invoke Flash.

< option name="charting.data.count" >9999 </ option >

to get around the 1000 point limitation in timechart.


Have you opened a support ticket with Splunk, we are trying to get them to remove these limits and more customers will help drive this.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For simple XML, in and above, you can set the config as below in $SPLUNKHOME/etc/system/local/web.conf
xmlforceflash_charting = true

For Advanced XML, change

layoutPanel="graphArea"> in
etc/apps/search/default/data/ui/views/charting.xml to

Hope This Helps!

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