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Search event logs that only accrue between 4PM to 11:59PM every day

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Looking to see if there is a way to search for only specific windows event logs that accrue after 4 pm up to 11:59 pm each day.

I know I can do this on a specific day but I would like to get a look at all the times a user locks their workstation that accrue around the time people leave work for the day all the way till the end of the day and see it over a weeks span or even an months span.

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Try this

index=blah EventCode=""|eval Hour=strftime(_time,"%H")|table EventCode,Message|where Hour >16 AND Hour <= 23

It's not an efficient search but will serve your purpose.


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Yes you can. I short you use this in your search:

<your search> date_hour>9 date_hour<18

For more details you can checkout this post.



date_hour<24 you wont get ever so only > 15 is enough, was out of my mind in my answer 😕

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Thank you that did the trick, I just put in:
"eventidentifier=4800" date_hour>15 date_hour<24
and I got the results I was looking for!

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Even shorter

..your base search terms.. date_hour>15

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