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Remove additional timestamp from the logs

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Hi All

i have onboarded linux logs from S3--> Splunk . I found additional timestamp is getting attached to the events. Can you please help me in removing the additional timestamp. Below is the expected log format.


2020-07-01T10:59:58Z messages {"message":"Jun 1 10:59:58 stg-coinbrh: [get_meta] Trying to get"}
2020-07-01T10:59:58Z messages {"message":"Jun 4 10:59:58 stg-mbcoln: [rewrite_aliases] Rewriting aliases of eth0"}


Jun 1 10:59:58 stg-coinbrh: [get_meta] Trying to get

Jun 4 10:59:58 stg-mbcoln: [rewrite_aliases] Rewriting aliases of eth0

Please help me in defining exact props and transforms settings to achieve this.


Thanks in advance



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Depending on how you're getting the data from S3 to Splunk there may be other, better answers, but using SEDCMD should work.  Add this line to the props.conf file for the sourcetype.

SEDCMD-unjson = s/\{"message":"(.*)"}/\1/g


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