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Query doesn't work under CURL call (but is fine under user interface)

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Hi; I have a query that ends as follows

| stats count(eval(HttpStatus LIKE "2__")) AS success 
count(eval(HttpStatus LIKE "5__")) AS fail 
count as total by host

And under the Splunk UI environment I get my results as desired.
But the issue I see is when I use the exact same query under the Splunk CLI/CURL call to the service, i get the following response

{'messages': [{'type': 'FATAL', 'text': "Error in 'stats' command: The eval expression for dynamic field 'eval(HttpStatus LIKE 2__)' is invalid. Error='The operator at '__' is invalid.'"}]}

I've tried different variations of encapsulating the "httpstatus" field but non of them were successful (tried escaping characters also)

Please advise in solving this issue
Much appreciated

  • Randy
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Fixed by changing the encapsulate part of my function to not be lazy
search="' + search_query + '"
search=\'' + search_query + '\'

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Hi h0riz0nhk,

this works just fine for me:

curl -k -u user:password https://hostname:8089/services/search/jobs/export --data-urlencode 'search=search index="_internal" | stats count(eval(sourcetype LIKE "splunk%")) AS st_splunk count AS total by host ' -d output_mode=csv

and the result is this:


the important thing here is to use --data-urlencode otherwise it will fail because of the ".

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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Sadly the --data-urlencode didn't work for me, but finally found a solution

Essentially i had a query builder and had to encapsulate the search=\'' + search query +'\' correctly
(was being lazy with search="' + search query +'")

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It might help to post the real query, because so far there are only snippets of it. Also it would be good to tell what did not work with the --data-urlencode.

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