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Output of inner query is returned in a single line


Hi Friends,

Apologies for my ignorance, but I have a problem formatting the output of the result from a sub-query.

index=* "[92929292]"
| stats values(CALLGUID) as CALLGUID by _time
_ | dedup CALLGUID| mvexpand CALLGUID
| join CALLGUID [ search index=* CALLGUID=*
| rex "D](:|\s-)(?[^,|.]+)" | stats count by CALLGUID error
| stats list(error) list(count) as count by CALLGUID]
| fields _time,CALLGUID,errors,count

I’m working on the above query and I get the results as attached as actualoutput.png and desired_output.png

Could anyone please suggest how to make it work 😞

alt text
alt text

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