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Lookup Editor: Can I open a specific lookup file from a link in my dashboard?

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Hello All,

I am wanting to create a user-defined "dictionary" for a dashboard and would desire for the user to click on a link within the dashboard to launch the Lookup Editor app on a specific *.csv file. I would seed the dictionary with specific columns. 

Is this possible?

I tried something like the following but got an error ... "The lookup could not be loaded from the server"


 Appreciate the help.


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Edit the namespace value with the actual value as per your environment and add the value for transforms (If available for the lookup or leave it blank)


<option name="list.drilldown">full</option>
    <link target="_blank">http://myServer:8000/en-US/app/lookup_editor/lookup_edit?owner=nobody&namespace=myAppName&lookup=client_information.csv&type=csv&transform=</link>


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Thank you,
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