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Like Command with special charecter


Hi Team,

I am trying to run below query .. now here problem is its not showing any  "Blocked" data .. its showing only "Non access Not Blocked " .. is there any syntax error in * OR %? please suggest ..

:::|| eval BlockedStatus =
case(Like(src,"11.11.111.%") AND act= "REQ_BLOCKED*" ,"Blocked",
Like(src,"222.22.222.%") AND act="REQ_BLOCKED*","Blocked",
Like(src,"11.11.111.%") AND act!="REQ_BLOCKED*","Not Blocked",
Like(src,"222.22.222..%") AND act!="REQ_BLOCKED*","Not Blocked",
NOT Like(src,"11.11.111.%") AND act="REQ_BLOCKED*","Non access Blocked",
NOT Like(src,"222.22.222..%") AND act="REQ_BLOCKED*","Non access Blocked",
NOT Like(src,"11.11.111.%") AND act!="REQ_BLOCKED*","Non access Not Blocked",
NOT Like(src,"222.22.222..%") AND act!="REQ_BLOCKED*","Non access Not Blocked") | stats count by Customer , BlockedStatus | rename Customer as "Local Market",count as "Total Critical Events"

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@jotne i have  below 2 queries now ..

1.now again getting only Blocked and Not Blocked ..

2.how can we go with" act!="REQ_BLOCKED*","Not Blocked"," does it would be "Notmatch(act,"REQ_BLOCKED*")"

| eval BlockedStatus =
case(Like(src,"11.11.111.%") AND match(act,"REQ_BLOCKED*")," Blocked",1==1," Not Blocked",Like(src,"222.22.222.%") AND match(act,"REQ_BLOCKED*"),"Blocked",1==1,"Not Blocked",
NOT Like(src,"11.11.111.%") AND match(act,"REQ_BLOCKED*"),"Non access Blocked",1==1,"Non accessNot Blocked",
NOT Like(src,"222.22.222.%") AND match(act,"REQ_BLOCKED*"),"Non access Blocked",1==1,"Non access Not Blocked")

| stats count by Customer , BlockedStatus | rename Customer as "Local Market",count as "Total Critical Events"

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When you use AND in case, you need == not = to make things to work.

You can also use CIDR to match IP range.



| makeresults 
| eval src="", act="REQ_BLOCKED"
| eval BlockedStatus=case(cidrmatch("",src) AND act=="REQ_BLOCKED", "Blocked", 1==1, "other")


This will give "Blocked"

You can not use *  in Case so to match part of field.

| makeresults 
| eval src="", act="REQ_BLOCKED FILE"
| eval BlockedStatus=case(cidrmatch("",src) AND match(act,"REQ_BLOCKED.*"), "Blocked", 1==1, "other")
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