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Join between 2 source type with a lot of data

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I everybody.

I have a problem on splunk.

I have a sourcetype with my orders and a sourcetype with my customers.

I have a customer technical key in my customers table and in my orders table.

It is possible to simulate left join ? I have a lot of customers (more than 10 millions...) ... so it is not possible to use the join command.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Thanks all for your answers.

It is possible to put a value in the _key field ? for Example my technical key...

I cannot see an exemple anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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I concur with creating a lookup table from your customer data using a regularly scheduled search to keep the table current. Then configure the table for automatic lookup and your customer info will be added to each order event as it is processed.

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KV store is a good approach, but if you cannot do it there is always stats.
If your orders and costumers source types have a common field like id you can to something like this:

sourcetype=orders OR sourcetype=costumers | stats values(orders) AS orders values(costumers) AS costumers by id

This is un-test since I don't have your data available, but you can read more about this topic here: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/129424/how-to-compare-fields-over-multiple-sourcetypes-without-jo...

cheers, MuS

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