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Is there any way to detect if somebody ran the delete command in a search?

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Hello all,

Is there any possibility to detect if somebody ran a | delete command?
I do know about the "can delete" permission and currently, it is not assigned to anyone, but this might change in the future (I will hand over Splunk responsibility to someone else).

I tried to find some _internal logs that mention a previously executed delete command (on demo data of course 🙂 ) but I could not find any.

Thank you!

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I noticed Splunk isn't consistently extracting the search field for all events in the _audit index, so here's the syntax to just search _raw with regex:

| regex _raw="\|\s*delete"
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Hi pinVie, this command should work for reveal any search command that has delete in the search string:

index=_audit action=search info=granted search=* | where match(search,"delete")

Additionally, you can set this up as an alert to reveal whenever a user is granted the can_delete capability:

| rest splunk_server=local /services/authentication/users | search capabilities=delete_by_keyword

Please let me know if this answers your question!


You may want to use ... | regex search="\|\s*delete" instead of ... | where match..., the where will match deleted.

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