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Is there an alternative to JOIN when records are more than 50000?


Scenario - I have two indexes: index1 and index2.

Inner Query: I need to compare two indexes (Index1 and Index2) with Group Number and CORP_ENT_CD combination. If there was a match, i would extract DCN's of those matching columns.

Outer Query: I need to compare index1 and the result from above set and need to display unmatched columns.


| rex "DCN (?<DCN>.*)-SL:(?<ServiceLn>.*)-TS:(?<timestamp>\d+)" 
 |join type=left DCN [ search 
      | rex "DCN (?<DCN>.*)-SL:(?<ServiceLn>.*)-TS:(?<timestamp>\d+)" 
      |eval dummy=GRP_NBR + CORP_ENT_CD
          |join dummy [search index=index2 earliest=-15d@d
          |rename "Group Number" as Group 
          |search Group=*
          |eval dummy= Group + CORP_ENT_CD 
      |fields DCN |table DCN 
      |eval matched="Yes"
 |fillnull value="No" matched
 |search matched="No"

Is there any other way to increase the performance of this solution?

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Try this:

| rex "DCN (?<DCN>.*)-SL:(?<ServiceLn>.*)-TS:(?<timestamp>\d+)" 
| search NOT [search index=index1 OR (index=index2 earliest=-15d@d)
| rex "DCN (?<DCN2>.*)-SL:(?<ServiceLn>.*)-TS:(?<timestamp>\d+)" 
| eval joiner=colesce($Group Number$, GRP_NBR) + CORP_ENT_CD
| eval DCN=coalesce(DCN, DCN2)
| stats values(DCN) AS DCN dc(index) AS indexCount BY joiner
| search indexCount>1
| table DCN
| mvexpand DCN
| dedup DCN]


@srujan9292, Try out union command or multisearch command which will not be impacted by sub-search limitation (depending on ow you are correlating, for example multisearch needs the searches to be correlated to be streaming).

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Path Finder

Does this get what you want?:

index=index1 OR index=index2
| rex "DCN (?<DCN>.*)-SL:(?<ServiceLn>.*)-TS:(?<timestamp>\d+)"  | eval GRP_NBR=coalesce(GRP_NBR, Group Number)
| eval dummy=GRP_NBR + CORP_ENT_CD | fillnull value="" DCN
| stats count values (DCN) by dummy
| where count=1
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This has helped me evaluate the different alternatives available in the past... Take a look to see if one may be helpful for your situation. Hope it helps! http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.1.3/Search/Abouteventcorrelation


I am facing the same issue as described here..any suggestions?

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