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Is it possible to force bin, chart, or timechart to store its older stats so we can just append the delta each time?

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Hi Splunkers

We have an ever growing pile of dashboards where we like to compare old statistics.

Is it possible to force bin/chart/timechart to store its older stats so we can just append the delta each time?

I assumed it maybe did this automatically, but my stats take longer and longer to run the longer back I go.
Also, we only keep around the latest 3 months of logs around, so what about the last year? Must be possible to simply downsample and store vital stats for longer periods.

I'm pretty sure this already exists, but my googling did not reveal anything.

Most of our searches are on this simple format:

<search> | bin _time span=1h | eval time=strftime(_time,"%b%d%H") | chart XXXXX over YYYYY by time

I also like to store this data for longer than the general retention period the data it is extracted from.
Keep it after the data is removed. Like the last 5 years traffic with daily resolution, or last year with hourly resolution.

Any best practices tips would be nice.


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Thanks, by the link I found that it was just to replace my chart,timechart,stats with sichart,sitimechart and sistats and create a report that did the extraction.

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