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Is data considered indexed after full replication or just after initial write to disk (which == searchable)?


In a testing distributed environment, we are experiencing indexing delays. With a replication factor of 3, when would first-time searchability be achieved?

The pipeline I understand is that incoming data comes into an ingestion queue where at the end, it gets indexed to the destination indexer (is searchability achieved here?). Then, assuming the destination indexer does not contain the primary bucket, the data gets copied to the primary bucket (is searchability achieved here?) and a 3rd bucket (or here at the end?).

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If you look at the Cluster Master, Indexer clustering view and then Indexes, you can see the Replicated Data Copies and the Searchable Data Copies. It shows that the moment you have one replicated data copy which becomes one searchable data copy, this data is searchable.

Btw, do you really need a replication factor of 3?

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