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Insert "%" symbol to a number without converting it to string

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Is it possible to add a "%" character/symbol to a number without converting it to a string?

I tried to use this code:
| eval percentage = round((On_time/Total)*100)."%"

But it converted the number into a string, so when I try to use the "percentage" field as an overlay in a Column Chart, it does not show anything. It has to be an integer.
I want it to have the "%" character so that when I hover over the overlay, the value would have the "%" sign so that it would be easy to know that it is a percentage, not just any number.

Is this possible?

I hope anyone can help me with this.

Thank you.

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By definition, a field with anything other than digits or '.' is a string. There is no way around that.
If you were using a pie chart, you could use the SimpleXML charting.chart.showPercent option to display percentages, but that is not supported by other chart types.

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