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Indexer performance hit, for searches with no results

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Splunk Employee

I have a search like the following:

"index=index_A | "

If i distribute this to an indexer which does NOT have an index called index_A, what will be the performance issue with this? Will there be a significant/negligible hit on the indexer performance?

I ask, because what If I distributed 10,000 searches like this to an indexer, where only 100 out of the 10,000 would actually find the index they are looking for? - Would I still lock up the indexer from a performance point of view, even though 9,900 of the 10,000 searches cannot even find the index they are looking for on the indexer?

Any help here is appreciated!


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Performance hit of the search is negligible because there will be no index on the indexer so the very first thing that is checked ( indexes.conf ) will fail. Such an approach should be fine from this aspect.

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