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Identify a hanging GUI (process)

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I have a gui running as javaw.exe and I want to identify when this gui is "Not Responding"

I am using the following command to identify it:
tasklist /v | findstr javaw.exe

What is working:
- Running this command from command prompt
- Adding this command to a .bat and running that from command prompt

What is not working:
- Using input.conf to run the script (it executes and indexes the result, but the "Status" is "Unknown" instead of "Running")

What I have tried:
- I have looked at permissions and my user and "System" all have adequate permissions (For the .bat, it's parent folders)
- I have tried adjusting the SplunkForwarder Service to run as my user instead of System
-- It is noteworthy, after running the service as my user, if I run a tasklist command and look up splunk, it still doesn't know what user is running the service

Has anyone run into this? Anyone have any advice on how to fix it? Is there a better way to look for a hanging window/process with Splunk?

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