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IP based black list in Serverclass.conf does not work

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I am trying to push app based on IP subnet whitelist and blacklist, while whitelist subnets are working perfectly alright, whatever put with blacklist. is not working as expected, because I can see application is getting deployed to subnets in blacklist as well. Here is the configuration

machineTypesFilter = windows-x64
blacklist.0 = ^10.50.100.\d+$
whitelist.0 = ^10.50.\d+.\d+$

restartSplunkWeb = 0
restartSplunkd = 1
stateOnClient = enabled


expected behaviour is TestApp should get deployed to all Windows hosts in subnets except hosts in, but I can see app gets deployed to hosts in subnet as well

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The whitelist and blacklist attributes use patterns in their values rather than regular expressions. Try

blacklist.0 = 10.50.100.*
whitelist.0 = 10.50.*
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