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I have added the Splunk search to my default.xml. Is it possible to only allow this to appear in the navigation bar for admins?

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Example of search in nav bar: alt text

I only want the Search to be viewable by admins. I have looked at other Splunk questions: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/8037/can-an-app-use-multiple-navigation-menus.html , https://answers.splunk.com/answers/43845/navigation-menu.html , etc.

Is there an easier/less invasive way to achieve this functionality? Given that Splunk searching is not a personally customized dashboard, but rather it is built into Splunk, I am not certain the above solutions would work.

Furthermore, I am not trying to disallow user from entering the URL: /en-GB/app//search, but rather I just do not want users with non-admin privileges to be able to view/click to access said URL and use Splunk searching.

Any guidance would be much appreciated...

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