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I can't see the search.log of a bd output in the job inspector.

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How can you see the search.log of a bd output?

Good evening, it is required to validate the information of a certain db ouput that of the environment, no matter how much I search, I only find the information of the execution time and results, but I would like to look more in detail as what is done in the jobs inspector, since currently there is an error in the environment and it does not appear in the internal either.

Search Results might be incomplete. If this occurs frequently, please check on the peer.

This error message I'm trying to search, but it only appears in ad-hoc searches and saved searches.

Is it possible to search for these errors that appear inside a search.log file, via splunk query?

PS: I only have web access to the splunk and I want to validate that a development to carry out presents problems due to these communication errors in the environment.

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If you have access to change the config you can change limits.conf and you can enable search messages.

I have a few example searches for finding problems in the splunk search messages in alerts for splunk admins 


Alerts for Splunk Admins https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3796/
Version Control for Splunk https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4355/
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