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How tstats is working when some data model acceleration summaries in indexer cluster is missing

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by default, DMA summaries are not replicated between nodes in indexer cluster (for warm and cold buckets). I wonder how command tstats with summariesonly=true behaves in case of failing one node in cluster.

Imagine, I have 3-nodes, single-site IDX cluster in deafult setting. What happened, when one node fails (so summaries on that node are not available) and I run search using "|tstats summariesonly=true..." on this cluster?

If search spans data from primary warm or cold buckets on failed node, will I get incomplete data, right? (I think so, because appropriate summaries are missing). And if so, will I get any error message on search page?

And how it change in case of multi-site cluster? I assume in case of failing one node, I should get complete data, becuase AFAIK in multi-site cluster every site has primary copy of bucket with DMA summaries. Is it right or not?

I need this info because of one project I am working on. Thank you for answers.

Best regards

Lukas Mecir

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