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How to write a search to join the data from four lookups on a unique field?

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Hello Experts,

Can you please help me with a search to join these four lookups on login (unique field). Lookups LOOKUP_A.CSV, LOOKUP_B.CSV, LOOKUP_C.CSV need to be joined to MASTER_lookup to form a RESULT_LOOKUP.

Appreciate your help with this.

Please check the source lookups and resultingdesired lookup. (attachment/inline image)

alt text

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Another option?

| inputlookup  MASTER_LOOKUP.CSV | inputlookup LOOKUP_A.CSV append=t | inputlookup LOOKUP_B.CSV  append=t | inputlookup LOOKUP_C.CSV  append=t | outputlookup RESULT_LOOKUP.csv
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What about this?

| inputcsv MASTER_LOOKUP.csv
| join type=left login [| inputcsv LOOKUP_A.csv]
| join type=left login [| inputcsv LOOKUP_B.csv]
| join type=left login [| inputcsv LOOKUP_C.csv]
| outputcsv RESULT_LOOKUP.csv
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